Friday, August 5, 2011

I Am What the Universe Is Doing

Thoughts from an address by Bruce Sanguin:

"On a silent retreat in Narragansett, Rhode Island, 20 years ago I had an enlightenment experience in which I realized my essential unity with all of creation. My dualistic worldview--a product of modernism--collapsed. I knew myself to be the self-reflexive consciousness of the universe. I was the universe noticing the universe, reflecting upon itself, dreaming as the universe about a new future. I no longer walked upon the earth located outside of me. I knew myself to be the earth in human form. I was what the universe was doing. And everything I gazed out upon--the water, the birds, the grass blowing in the wind--was sacred. Every thing and every body pulsated with an interior sacred dimension. Sitting here today, being in conversation with each other, dreaming of a better future for our planet and for the left-behinds of the world, we are the universe in conversation; we are the consciousness of the planet coalescing; we are the planet plotting a resurrection."

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