Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breathing with the Cycle of Life

"It's time to exhale. This year for Earth Day, April 22, take the time to sit down and breathe. Exhale a little more. Breathe with more awareness and flow with the rhythm of the Earth and in tune with its people, animals, and plants. We can approach our relationship with the Earth more responsibly by recognizing our unending connection. Each of us has the power to make the Earth better and it begins with our breathing with the cycle of life."

--Joseph Alexander, "It Is Time to Exhale!" Dahn Yoga Life, April 2012

First, Play Well by Yourself!

"What kind of life do you want? Isn't it a life of happiness, health, peace of mind, loving yourself and loving others and being loved? In order to do all these things easily, you must become the true master of your life. For that, you must first play well by yourself and become closer to yourself."

--Chunghae Sunsanim 

Poem of the Mountain


I was embraced in your arms and now I take my leave.
The azaleas sway, waving as they see me off.
The sound of flowing water before me opens the path
As I return to the valley of people.
As I live and I grow old,
When life makes me weary, I gaze at you in the distance,
And if I still long for you, I go to you and enter your embrace.
I'll live like that, and, come the day when I can see you no more
I can be wrapped in your embrace
And become you.

--Minbok Ham

Time to Exhale

"Humanity is at a critical point in the material civilization ... to prevent our civilization from running headlong into an abrupt and spectacular end, we must at least stop inhaling. We have reached our lung capacity. In order to continue this grand cycle of life, we must soon begin to exhale. After that we can breathe in again. The choice is before us. For the very survival of humanity, we need to collectively let our breath out."

--Ilchi Lee, Peaceology