Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living a Life of Passion

A "meditation" by Skye Thomas--
"I was asked in an interview what advice did I have for entrepreneurs who are just starting their companies. I told them to 'make sure you really, really love what you are doing because you do not own the business, it owns you. You will work more hours for no pay than you ever would for any boss. You will dig, scrape, curse, and bite for quite awhile before it takes off. It is very rare that people make it big overnight. Plan to have another source of groceries and rent money for at least a year, maybe two years. If you won the lottery and never had to work another day, would you still do this work? If not, don't bother. You know you are in the right line of work when you would give it away for free just to get to be a participant.' As I reflect on what it means to follow a spiritual calling, I see that this advice really holds true for callings too. Perhaps it is true for anyone who wants to live a life of passion."
[emphasis added]

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